Tips for Downhill Biking

Having graduated with honours from Vermont’s St. Johnsbury Academy, Eytan Baer will be attending Johnson & Wales University’s North Miami location. A Switzerland resident, he is an active member of his school’s track and field team, and he had set a shot-put record prior to beginning his studies in the United States. An active sportsman, Eytan Baer has participated in downhill biking for nearly five years.

With a variety of trails for every skill and experience level, downhill biking is a fast-growing sport. However, regardless of skill level, there are a number of tips and techniques to keep in mind.

– Many trails are rough, so maintaining proper balance and hold on the bike is important. By using a firm but flexible grip and resisting the urge to tense your arms and legs, your body can act like a shock absorber to make the ride less jarring and thus less tiring.

– Use proper bike positioning. The pedals should be held at a horizontal, three o’clock and nine o’clock position unless navigating turns. This gives the bike balance and ensures that most movement can be as simple as shifting your weight.

– Never slam on the brakes. Many downhill trails are steep, so slamming on the brakes can be the quickest way over the handlebars. Instead, feather them with light, neutral pressure for greater control.

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